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Vol 7, No 2 ‘Worth’ as the motivation of aging citizens to purchase a technical product or ser-vice Details   PDF
J. Leikas, P. Saariluoma
Vol 3, No 3 Computation and Networking - Compunetics - promoting digital inclusion of elderly, cognitively impaired, and Alzheimer´s patients Abstract   PDF
L.R. Ramos, A.J. Xavier, D. Sigulem
Vol 3, No 3 Computer utilization in later-life: Characteristics and relationship to personal well-being Abstract   PDF
E Bilt-Cohen, H Litwin
Vol 1, No 1 Creating adaptive technological environments Abstract   PDF
H. Bouma
Vol 7, No 1 Effects of navigation aids on web performance in younger and older adults Abstract   PDF
C.E. Hudson, C.T. Scialfa, R. Diaz-Marino, J. Laberge, S.D. MacKillop
Vol 1, No 1 Gerontechnology and perceptual motor-function: New opportunities for prevention, compensation, and enhancement Abstract   PDF
J.L. Fozard
Vol 2, No 3 Gerontechnology in standards Abstract   PDF
K. Sagawa
Vol 1, No 3 Making decisions about future activities: The role of age and health Abstract   PDF
A.S. Melenhorst
Vol 2, No 1 Technology-Based Caregiver Intervention Research: Current Status and Future Directions Abstract   PDF
R. Schulz, A. Lustig, S. Handler, L.M. Martire
Vol 7, No 1 The extended television: Using tangible computing to meet the needs of older persons at a nursing home Abstract   PDF
P.A. Waller, B. Östlund, B. Jönsson
Vol 2, No 1 The usability of telephone voice menu systems for older adults Details   PDF
S.J. Czaja, J. Sharit
Vol 7, No 1 Ultra wideband radio: A novel method for measuring wandering in persons with dementia Abstract   PDF
W.D. Kearns, D. Algase, D.H. Moore, S. Ahmed
Vol 2, No 1 Welcome to Gerontechnology 2002: Creative use of technology for better aging Abstract   PDF
S.J. Czaja, N. Charness, A.D. Fisk, W. Rogers
Vol 14, No 3 10th World Conference 2016 Abstract
A. Franco
Vol 8, No 3 1st GerontechnoPlatform in Paris Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 3 1st ISG master class for PhD students Details   PDF
T. Derksen, J. van Hoof
Vol 10, No 1 2012 Conference in the Land of the Innovator Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, G.J. Maas, F.J.M. van Gassel
Vol 10, No 1 2012 European year for active ageing Details   PDF
S. Matzke
Vol 15, Supplement 3D interactive smart home: A new research tool for user studies of smart homes Abstract   PDF
E. Allameh, M. Heidari, B. de Vries, H.J.P. Timmermans
Vol 15, Supplement 3D-Memories promoting inhibited potential in design Abstract   PDF
B. Östlund, O. Diegel, S. Frennert
Vol 11, No 2 4D and Tablet PC for progress reporting Details   PDF
A. Montaser, O. Moselhi
Vol 7, No 1 A 24-hour health monitoring system in a smart house Abstract   PDF
H. Lee, Y.T. Kim, J.W. Jung, K.H. Park, D.J. Kim, B. Bang, Z.Z. Bien
Vol 15, Supplement A 3-dimensional model to detect dangerous situations in the use of a 4-wheeled walker Abstract   PDF
S. Lee, S. Kim, J. Jeon, J. Lee, S. Yim
Vol 13, No 2 A ’Psychological Health Scale’ for the elderly in Taiwan’ by Erikson’s viewpoints inquiry Abstract   PDF
Y-J. Hsu, H-Y. Chen
Vol 11, No 2 A Bayesian model for real-time safety management in construction sites Details   PDF
C. Argiolas, A. Carbonari, F. Melis, E. Quaquero
Vol 2, No 1 A best practices monograph (published summer 2002) that showcases 3-4 projects using technology in a variety of settings benefiting family caregivers (Family Care-giver Alliance) Details   PDF
K. Kelly
Vol 7, No 2 A biofeedback-based portable device to support elderly mobility in the home envi-ronment Details   PDF
L. Chiari, E. Farella, L. Rocchi, L. Benini
Vol 13, No 2 A business model generator to communication services design for senior citizens Abstract   PDF
H-P. Lu, H-C. Wang, Y-T. Chang, H-W. Hsu
Vol 15, Supplement A casebased study of metrics derived from instrumented fall risk assessment tests Abstract   PDF
A. Correia Martins, J. Silva, A. Santos, J. Madureira, C. Alcobia, L. Ferreira, P. Mendes, C. Tonelo, C. Silva, D. Baltazar, I. Sousa
Vol 14, No 4 A Chinese response to the aging society Abstract
Y-L. Hsu
Vol 3, No 4 A cognitive engineering study of informational care systems at home: From the us-ability test focusing on workload Details   PDF
K. Ogata, E.T. Harada, M. Nambu, K. Mori, R. Niizeki
Vol 11, No 2 A cognitive training game for elderly people Details   PDF
K. Ishihara, M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara
Vol 4, No 2 A compact Italian apartment for ageing people Details   PDF
M. Picco
Vol 2, No 1 A comparison of direct and indirect input device for older adults Details   PDF
C.C. Lin
Vol 6, No 2 A complex relationship: Older people and in-car message systems Abstract   PDF
M. Zajicek, I-M. Jonsson
Vol 15, Supplement A comprehensive understanding of family caregivers’ experiences Abstract   PDF
J.E. Fast, M. Strickfaden, J. Eales, N. Keating, W.B. Mortenson
Vol 8, No 3 A computer system to monitor older adults at home: Preliminary results Abstract   PDF
N. Zouba, F. Bremond, M. Thonnat, A. Anfosso, É. Pascual, P. Malléa, V. Mailland, O. Guerin
Vol 9, No 2 A computerized adaptive testing approach to measuring the impact of mobility devices on activities and participation Details   PDF
J. Jutai, M. Fuhrer, R. Bode, A. Heinemann, L. Demers, J. Lenker, F. DeRuyter
Vol 9, No 2 A conceptual framework for integrating caregivers’ perspective in the provision of assistive technology Details   PDF
L. Demers, M. Fuhrer, J. Jutai, J. Lenker, F. DeRuyter
Vol 9, No 2 A conceptual paper: Demographics, diffusion theory, and ambient assisted living. Consumer market potential in the Canadian setting Details   PDF
R.M. Savage, M. Campo
Vol 14, No 3 A cross-national and longitudinal study on predictors in starting and stopping Internet use (2001-2013) by Swedish and Dutch older adults 66 years and above Abstract
J. Berner, M. Aartsen, M. Wahlberg, S. Elmståhl, J. Berglund, P. Anderberg, D. Deeg
Vol 7, No 2 A data mining system for chronic diseases surveillance for primary care unit in Tai-wan Details   PDF
H.M. Hua, T. Lee
Vol 15, Supplement A decade Dutch smart care: A national benchmark on smart care homes in the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
M. Mohammadi, N. Moor
Vol 6, No 3 A decision support system for medical emergencies of older adults in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
H.M. Hua, B.J. Liu, T.E. Wang
Vol 8, No 2 A design and evaluation program for longer-life products Details   PDF
B. Zimmer, L. Dechesne, B. Yannou, J. Stal-le Cardinal, A. De Touchet, F. Piette
Vol 13, No 2 A design for the priority seating system on Taiwan buses Abstract   PDF
T-J. Lee, M-D. Lee
Vol 13, No 2 A digital inclusion project for older people: Itinerant mode experience report Abstract   PDF
C. da Silva Santana, T. Marquine Raymundo
Vol 2, No 1 A fall analysis system Details   PDF
T. Tamura, Y. Yoshimura, M. Nagaya, K. Chihara
Vol 7, No 2 A fall and loss of consciousness wearable detector Details   PDF
L. Quagliarella, N. Sasanelli, B. Belgiovine
Vol 13, No 2 A feasibility study of home health care for geriatric patients in developing countries like India using 3G mobile technology Abstract   PDF
S.K. Meher, D.V. Kumar, B.K. Ratha
Vol 4, No 4 A festival of international conferences on caregiving, disability, aging and technology Abstract   PDF
G.R. Fernie
Vol 13, No 2 A food intake monitoring system to provide nutritional management for elderly people Abstract   PDF
H-F. Lai, U. Chao
Vol 9, No 2 A framework architecture for care and socialisation to support Aging-in-Place Details   PDF
A. Badii
Vol 13, No 2 A framework of an always-with companion agent for the isolated elderly Abstract   PDF
H-H. Huang, Y. Takeda, K. Kiyoshi, K. Kawagoe
Vol 9, No 2 A fuzzy logic based context-aware reminder for elders with mild dementia Details   PDF
D. Zhang, K. Du, L. Sun
Vol 11, No 2 A generic method for the assessment of smart walkers Details   PDF
P Rumeau, V. Pasqui, N. Vigourou
Vol 7, No 2 A handheld game console as a companion for elder people Details   PDF
J. Fernandez, A.B. Martinez
Vol 3, No 3 A hard to believe professional transition: Heidrun Mollenkopf Retires Details   PDF
H.W. Wahl
Vol 9, No 2 A holistic approach to seniors’ health monitoring and management using domotics Details   PDF
C.K. Chang, H-I. Yang, R. Babbitt, J.M. ReyesAlamo, F. Zhou, J. Wong
Vol 3, No 4 A job redesign for ageing hospital voluntary workers Details   PDF
E.M. Wang, E.Y.N. Wang
Vol 3, No 4 A low-tech intervention and therapy for large groups of persons with dementia Details   PDF
A.A. Sterns, R. Sterns
Vol 2, No 1 A measure of information processing and memory, primarily for older drivers Details   PDF
F.N. Platt
Vol 13, No 2 A Method for the detection of sitting upright designed for elderly living assistance applications Abstract   PDF
H-C. Chiang, Y-S. Su, N-S. Chou, C-Y. Lee, S-F. Kao, Y-C. Wu
Vol 15, Supplement A method to create interdisciplinary health and welfare technology research projects: Collaboration between academia and care providers Abstract   PDF
A. Åkerberg, M. Folke, T. Jagestig Bjurquist, M. Lindén, C. Gustafsson
Vol 9, No 2 A method where individual needs and conditions determine which ICT tool to use within elderly care Details   PDF
M. Gill, M. Rundkvist
Vol 7, No 2 A methodology for gerontechnology consulting as a response to gerontologists’ request Details   PDF
M. Schaff, V. Rialle, A. Poulain, M. Carré
Vol 15, Supplement A methodology of imple-menting a video monitoring system for community-dwelling elderly Abstract   PDF
N. Lapierre, J. Meunier, J. Filiatrault, A. St-Arnaud, M-H. Paquin, C. Doclos, L. Dubreucq, H. Moffet, M. Morin, M-H. Milot, C. Dumoulin, J. Rousseau
Vol 13, No 2 A mobile manipulator robot that brings objects to assist people Abstract   PDF
R. Alami, D. Sidobre
Vol 8, No 2 A movable steering-wheel system for car driving at older ages Abstract   PDF
D-A. Wang, T-Y. Wang, Y-C. Lin, M-S. Chiang
Vol 13, No 2 A multidisciplinary course integrating psychology of aging and cloud technologies Abstract   PDF
Z-T. Yeh, H. Mei
Vol 7, No 2 A multidisciplinary view to motivational aspects in gerontechnology Details   PDF
C. Oppenauer, I. Kryspin-Exner
Vol 13, No 2 A multifaceted platform for complementary consulting services for retired senior executives Abstract   PDF
T-J. Lai, H-H. Wu, C-Y. Huang
Vol 13, No 2 A multi-functional health management system Abstract   PDF
Y-C. Wu, S-M. Liu, C-S. Chang, C-C. Han, W-C. Yu, H-C. Tian, J-W. Liu, Y-N. Hu, N-S. Chou, S-F. Kao
Vol 11, No 2 A Multi-Robotic Assistant System (MRAS): A development approach with application to the ageing society Details   PDF
T. Linner, C. Georgoulas, T. Bock
Vol 6, No 1 A multi-sensory environment for the treatment of dementia affected subjects Abstract   PDF
P. Marti, H.H. Lund, M. Bacigalupo, L. Giusti, C. Mennecozzi
Vol 9, No 2 A Myo-electric Assistive Device Details   PDF
Z.O. Khokhar, C. Menon
Vol 2, No 1 A natural accessibility interface for voting system Details   PDF
G. Vanderheiden, D. Kelso, K. Barnicle
Vol 13, No 2 A natural user-interface based platform for cognitive rehabilitation in Alzheimer’s disease patients Abstract   PDF
A. Leone, A. Caroppo, P. Siciliano
Vol 7, No 2 A new collaborative-shared control strategy for continuous elder/robot assisted navigation Details   PDF
C. Urdiales, J. Peula, C. Barrué, E. Pérez
Vol 11, No 2 A new generation of collaborative robots for material handling Details   PDF
E. Gambao, M. Hernando, D. Surdilovic
Vol 13, No 2 A new gerontechnology innovation model: Interdisciplinary open innovation orange technology Abstract   PDF
S-H. Chen, R-S. Lee
Vol 2, No 1 A new screening tool for adaptive wheelchair seating Details   PDF
D. Gavin-Dreschnack
Vol 7, No 2 A new tool for selecting appropriate home care devices for elderly persons suffering from dementia Details   PDF
T. Kangastupa, M. Hedberg, K. Mäkelä
Vol 15, No 4 A note on social innovations for accessible housing for older people in Finland Abstract
M-L. Luoma, M. Henriksson, M. Vaarama
Vol 15, No 4 A note on suitable and healthy housing in the Netherlands Abstract
W. van Staalduinen, G.J. Maas, M. Hinkema
Vol 11, No 2 A novel assistive technology for women who use continence pads: Smart underwear Details   PDF
E. van den Heuvel, F. Jowitt, A. Long, B. Fernandes, P. Gaydecki
Vol 13, No 2 A novel evaluation platform for the evaluation of anti-ulcers mattress Abstract   PDF
Y-H. Lai, M-W. Sue, L-Y. Guo
Vol 6, No 4 A novel handrail cueing system to prevent falls in older adults Abstract   PDF
C.Y. Scovil, P. Corbeil, T.A. Lee, S.M. McKay, A.L. Peters, B.E. Maki
Vol 13, No 2 A novel method for the assessment of the baroreflex sensitivity Abstract   PDF
Y-H. Lai, L-Y. Guo
Vol 11, No 2 A novel MiniOn agent assisted robotic kitchen platform Details   PDF
C. Georgoulas, T. Linner, T. Bock
Vol 3, No 4 A nutrition management system using mobile phones with built-in cameras Details   PDF
T. Tsuji, M. Yokota, M. Okumura, M. Terui, S. Hasegawa, T. Yoshida
Vol 13, No 3 A pedometer-based walking program in an assisted-living setting: A pilot study Abstract   PDF
V. Kirvesmäki, C-H. Nygård, R. Rutanen, T. Heinonen, P. Lindfors, J. Valvanne
Vol 11, No 3 A personal assistant for dementia to stay at home safe at reduced cost Abstract   PDF
N. Nijhof, J.E.W.C. van Gemert-Pijnen, C.M. Burns, E.R. Seydel
Vol 11, No 2 A plane tracker for AEC-automation applications Details   PDF
C. Feng, V.R. Kamat
Vol 3, No 1 A plea for gerontechnology (reply) Details   PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans
Vol 11, No 2 A preliminary study on a visual quantity takeoff manual. Details   PDF
C-H. Choi, J. Lee, Y-J. Park, J-Y. Soh, C-H. Han
Vol 7, No 2 A qualitative and quantitative study of information technology usage and quality of life among older persons in Hong Kong Details   PDF
W.F. Chan, D.R. Philips, O.L. Siu
Vol 11, No 2 A qualitative inquiry into the meaning of digital games for an older audience in Flanders Details   PDF
B. de Schutter
Vol 11, No 2 A realist evaluation of a self-management technology Details   PDF
N. Nasr, S. Mawson, G. Mountain
Vol 15, Supplement A relation model for eye-hand coordination and driving workload for older drivers Abstract   PDF
S. Lee, E. Noh, S. Kim, J. Hong, T. Lee
Vol 13, No 2 A research framework to guide design of technologies for successful aging with disabilities Abstract   PDF
W.A. Rogers, T.L. Mitzner, J.A. Sanford
Vol 11, No 2 A reverse modelling method for quality assessment of the as-built condition using 3D-shape information Details   PDF
M.N. Lee, S-W. Kwon, J.H. Shin
Vol 9, No 2 A review of behavioural monitoring methods and recommendations for future development Details   PDF
S. Brownsell, D. Bradley, S. Blackburn, F. Cardinaux, M.S. Hawley
Vol 14, No 3 A review of intergenerational play for facilitating interactions and learning Abstract
F. Zhang, D. Kaufman
Vol 7, No 2 A review of product usability index 2004 for rapidly ageing society Details   PDF
H. Ogi
Vol 10, No 1 A review of technology acceptance by older adults Abstract   PDF
K. Chen, A.H.S. Chan
Vol 15, Supplement A Robotic cat in dementia care: A pilot study Abstract   PDF
C. Gustafsson, C. Svanberg, M. Müllersdorf
Vol 7, No 2 A robotic system architecture for interactive smart environment Details   PDF
W. Yu, J. Lee, K. Han, J. Sohn, M. Jang
Vol 11, No 2 A rural information and demonstration centre on products and services for older people Details   PDF
J.A.M. Graafmans, T.S.K. Ikonen-Graafmans, M.J. Tuominen, R.K. Rantala
Vol 13, No 2 A Screen touch game to promote cognitive and physical fitness in older people Abstract   PDF
K. Ishihara, T. Nakamura, S. Ishihara
Vol 13, No 2 A service design of a user-based tele-healthcare system for seniors Abstract   PDF
T-C. Chen, P-C. Tuan, Y-F. Shih, J-Y. Wu
Vol 7, No 2 A SHARE-it service to elders’ mobility using the i-walker Details   PDF
U. Cortés, A. Martínez-Valesco, C. Barrué, T. Benedico, F. Campana, J. Fernandez, R. Annichiarico
Vol 2, No 1 A simple evaluation method for pressure distribution Details   PDF
S. Tsukamoto, M. Nambu, K. Nakajima, T. Tamura
Vol 9, No 2 A smart distress monitor for independent living Details   PDF
S. Hollock, N. Johnson, J. Sixsmith
Vol 11, No 2 A smart floor helps to prevent falls and allocates staff time Details   PDF
R. Oksanen, L. Pohjola, H. Finne-Soveri
Vol 15, Supplement A smart insole to promote healthy aging for frail elderly Abstract   PDF
A. Piau, Y. Charlon, E. Campo, F. Nourhashemi
Vol 1, No 2 A smart walker Details   PDF
F. Slevin
Vol 11, No 2 A socially assistive robot for persons with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Details   PDF
M. Simonov
Vol 2, No 1 A sound level meter based on the auditory characteristics Details   PDF
K. Kurakata
Vol 13, No 2 A standard operation procedure of transport service for adult day care centers Abstract   PDF
H-L. Liu, L-J. Chu, T-W. Lee, R-Y. You
Vol 7, No 2 A step machine for the elderly with osteoarthritis Details   PDF
H.T. Fan, T-L. Lee, K-C. Weng, M-L. Liao
Vol 2, No 2 A story table: ICT to overcome social isolation Details   PDF
A. Hopman
Vol 13, No 2 A study of consumers’ perception and marketing strategy on hearing aids: An example of aging population in Beijing Abstract   PDF
W-Y. Yeh, Y-H. Huang
Vol 3, No 4 A study of optimal LCD display color for the elderly using cataract experience goggles Details   PDF
F. Tetsuya, T. Mamoru, N. Yoshino
Vol 9, No 2 A study on elderly people’s adoptive behavior toward the IPTV in Taiwan Details   PDF
K.H.C. Wang, H.M. Yu
Vol 3, No 4 A study on the emergence of problematic behaviours of the walkable elderly with dementia Details   PDF
Y. Okumura, J. Kuze, K. Kondo
Vol 9, No 2 A study on the relation between the accessories developed for the activity of self-medication and the maintenance of functional capacity of the elderly Details   PDF
C.S. Santana, D.O. Silva
Vol 7, No 2 A study on visibility with night driving Details   PDF
K. Yamanaka, S. Yamamoto, M. Kawakami
Vol 11, No 2 A supporting website for Chinese dementia caregivers Details   PDF
S.E. Levkoff, H. Chen, X. Lu, L. Xing
Vol 2, No 1 A System for assessing the walking ability of the elderly Details   PDF
H. Kawai, S. Hiki
Vol 7, No 2 A systemic approach applied to the design of a strolling corridor for elderly persons with Alzheimer's-type dementia Details   PDF
B. Tondu, N. Bardou
Vol 2, No 1 A technology to determine accuracy of health information accessed from Web sites Details   PDF
R. Roush, T. Teasdale, M. Gill
Vol 13, No 2 A tether-free Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) detection mattress Abstract   PDF
W-K. Wang, C-H. Chen, W-C. Huang, R-H. Su, Y-W. Liu
Vol 11, No 2 A theoretical framework for assessing the impact of ICT-based interventions for carers Details   PDF
F. Barbabella, A. Schmidt, C. Chiatti, G. Lamura
Vol 2, No 1 A training system of oral care support equipment for caregivers Details   PDF
K. Nakajima, Y. Sumi, T. Tamura
Vol 13, No 2 A ventilator monitoring system based on mobile devices Abstract   PDF
H-K. Wu, C-K. Lo, J-M. Chen
Vol 7, No 2 A versatile home control and monitoring network Details   PDF
F. Grossi, V. Bianchi, G. Matrella, I. De Munari, P. Ciampolini
Vol 7, No 2 A wearable accelerometer based platform to encourage physical activity for the eld-erly Details   PDF
W. Ourique de Morais, A. de Sant'Anna, N. Wickström
Vol 9, No 2 A web-based questionnaire to measure staff attitudes on patient safety in Sweden Details   PDF
T. Emilsson, G. Ljunggren, M. Andreen Saachs, M. Lind, J. Lindberg
Vol 11, No 2 A well designed home for 'Old Alice'; The physical environment as storyteller for persons with dementia Details   PDF
S.J.M.M. de Koning
Vol 11, No 3 A Wii pressure platform to assess balance in the elderly Abstract   PDF
A. Olvera-Chávez, C. Garza-Hume, L.M. Gutiérrez-Robledo, V. E. Arango-Lopera, M.U. Pérez-Zepeda
Vol 15, Supplement A workshop on intergenerational game concept design and paper prototyping Abstract   PDF
B. De Schutter, A.R. Roberts
Vol 11, No 4 AAL summit 2012: The Basque country declaration Abstract   PDF
O. Rivera, F. Sancho, M. Sánchez, A. McCormick, A. van Berlo, Á Barrios, J. Benito, J. Yanguas, I San Sebastián
Vol 8, No 2 AAL: Ambient Assisted Living for Europe Details   PDF
M. Huch
Vol 13, No 2 AALISABETH: Home environment cooperating to health assessment Abstract   PDF
G. Vespasiania, I. Corradetti, N. Pierantozzi, R. Culmone, M. Quadrini, M. Falcioni, G. Matrella, I. de Munari, P. Ciampolini
Vol 15, Supplement AAL-WELL that ends well: International transdisciplinary research into ambient assistive living technology for older adults with mild cognitive impairment Abstract   PDF
P. Jackson, A. Hwang, A. Astell, A. Mihailidis, L. Nygård, A. Sixsmith
Vol 13, No 2 AAL-WELL: AAL technologies and wellness for people with mild cognitive impairment Abstract   PDF
A. Sixsmith, A. Mihailidis, A. Astell, L. Nygard
Vol 7, No 2 Accelerometer signals analysis using SVM and decision tree in daily activity identifi-cation Details   PDF
J. Parera, C. Angulo
Vol 11, No 2 Acceptability of technologies by the elderly Details   PDF
T. Marquine Raymundo, V. Meirelles Carril Elui, R. Carolina de Paulo, C. Silva Santana
Vol 11, No 2 Acceptance of automotive navigator for drivers over age 50 Details   PDF
C-S. Lin, S-T. Hwang
Vol 9, No 2 Acceptance of input devices by older adults Details   PDF
R. Fukuda, S. Yonemura
Vol 13, No 1 Acceptance of navigation systems by older drivers Abstract   PDF
K.J. Bryden, J.L. Charlton, J.A. Oxley, G.J. Lowndes
Vol 13, No 2 Acceptance of telecare system for older people who live alone Abstract   PDF
C-S. Lin, L-Y. Chan
Vol 7, No 2 Access and utilization of computers and the internet among older Malaysians Details   PDF
S. Syed Abdul Rashid, S.T. Chai, M.R. Hussain
Vol 3, No 4 Access for all by cognitive engineering Details   PDF
H.H. Nap, H.P. de Greef, D.G. Bouwhuis
Vol 3, No 4 Accessibility of private hospitals for the Malaysian elderly: A GIS-based assessment Details   PDF
C.K. Lim, T.A. Hamid, R.S. Abdul
Vol 13, No 2 Accessible design for older people: A design method for making things accessible by taking into account age-related changes of human abilities Abstract   PDF
K. Sagawa
Vol 13, No 2 Accessible information structure with no visual feedback for electronic house appliance design Abstract   PDF
S. Lee, D. Kim
Vol 11, No 4 Accommodating older people at work Abstract   PDF
H. Bouma
Vol 15, Supplement Accuracy and stability testing of a ‘smart dresser’ for persons with dementia Abstract   PDF
D.F. Mahoney, W. Burleson, J. Rowe, E.L. Mahoney
Vol 13, No 2 Acoustic measurements of sound levels in common rooms and sleeping rooms of care facilities for older adults Abstract   PDF
N.H.A.M. van Hout, C.C.J.M. Hak, S. Seuren, H.S.M. Kort
Vol 11, No 2 Acoustic measurements of speech intelligibility in common rooms of care facilities Details   PDF
N.H.A.M. van Hout
Vol 11, No 2 Actigraphy for assessment of elbow articular amplitude for articular assessment in gerontology Details   PDF
J.M. Turpin, C. Cridelich, B. Teboul, L. Boscher, A. Marteu, A. Pfister, O. Guerin, P. Robert
Vol 9, No 2 Actigraphy place in the good use of psychoactive drugs with elderly: Pilot study Details   PDF
C. Cridelich, R. Collomp, F. Capriz-Ribière, B. Baldin, F. Rocher, L.H. Heng, Y. Caritu, P. Robert, P. Malléa
Vol 7, No 2 Activating communications among family members living far apart by sharing com-mon topics through television Details   PDF
K. Takashima, H. Umemuro
Vol 13, No 2 Activating embodied communication: A case study of people with dementia using a teleoperated android robot Abstract   PDF
R. Yamazaki, K. Kuwamura, S. Nishio, T. Minato, H. Ishiguro
Vol 11, No 3 Activation thresholds and operating characteristics of commercial alarm products to provide surveillance for dementia caregivers Abstract   PDF
S.P. Applegarth, M. Rowe, W. Kearns, M.E. Bowen
Vol 9, No 2 Activator: Playful persuasion to support older adults’ social and physical activities Details   PDF
L. de Valk, S. Kruitwagen, M.M. Bekker, N.A. Romero, J. Sturm
Vol 2, No 3 Active ageing: A policy framework – WHO’s ageing and life course program; 2002, by the World Health Organisation Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 3 Active aging through universal design Abstract   PDF
G. Whitney, S. Keith
Vol 9, No 2 Active and passive monitoring technologies to support aging-in-place Details   PDF
M. Parker
Vol 7, No 2 Active involvement of older users in the design process of smart home technology Details   PDF
I. Bierhoff, P. Panis
Vol 15, Supplement Active long-life trajectories: A vision for personalized healthcare and public health intervention through innovative information and com-munication technology Abstract   PDF
F. Michaud, S. Giroux
Vol 9, No 2 Activities of the British Columbia alliance on telehealth policy and research Details   PDF
S.A. Lear
Vol 9, No 2 Activity monitoring as part of care delivery to independently living seniors Details   PDF
C.G. Willems, M.D. Spreeuwenberg, R. Claassen
Vol 7, No 2 Activity self-surveying of older adults using smartphones Details   PDF
A.A. Sterns, H.L. Sterns
Vol 9, No 2 Adaptation and customization of services for the elderly Details   PDF
A. Thepaut, M.T. Segarra, C. Lohr, P-M. Chapon
Vol 12, No 2 Adaptation to simulator sickness in older drivers following multiple sessions in a driving simulator Abstract   PDF
I. Mackrous, M. Lavallière, N. Teasdale
Vol 11, No 3 Addressing Maslow’s deficiency needs in smart homes Abstract   PDF
M. Brink, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 3, No 4 Adult incontinence product - the users and the product transition Details   PDF
Y. Heki
Vol 9, No 2 Advanced algorithms for activity monitoring among seniors living single in their private homes Details   PDF
M. Floeck, L. Litz
Vol 11, No 2 Advanced building engineering: Deploying mechatronics and robotics in architecture Details   PDF
T. Linner, C. Georgoulas, T. Bock
Vol 11, No 2 Advanced process control for infrastructure building processes Details   PDF
E. Viljamaa, I. Peltomaa, J. Hovila, R. Heikkilä
Vol 1, No 4 Advances in Technology Used to Assess and Retrain Older Drivers Abstract   PDF
K.K. Ball, V.G. Wadley, J.D. Edwards
Vol 3, No 4 Advantage of a R&D unit next to a care facility Details   PDF
A. Sakai
Vol 11, No 2 AEM-cube design Details   PDF
W.J.M.J. van den Bouwhuijsen, R. Dijkman
Vol 6, No 2 AFRAN and gerontechnology Details   PDF
I. Aboderin, M. Ferreira, M. Gachuhi, J. Hoffman, C.J. Mba, T. Nhongo, E. Sall
Vol 11, No 1 Age and cohort effects in gerontechnology: A reconsideration Abstract   PDF
J.L. Fozard, H-W. Wahl
Vol 13, No 2 Age differences in physical and mental health conditions and workplace health promotion needs among workers: An example of accommodation and catering industry employees Abstract   PDF
W-Y. Yeh
Vol 3, No 4 Age differences in retirement investment decision making Details   PDF
G. Davis, Y. Chen
Vol 7, No 4 Age discrimination in breast cancer screening Details   PDF
A-S. Parent, R. Buchanan
Vol 1, No 3 AGE platform expands and launches new program Details   PDF
C. Marking
Vol 7, No 4 Age related changes in cognitive abilities and technology Details   PDF
J. Waniek
Vol 15, Supplement Age-friendly cities: Lessons from London (keynote) Abstract   PDF
A.M. Tinker
Vol 4, No 1 Ageing and future research and cohesion policies in the EU Details   PDF
L. van Nistelrooij, J. Patel
Vol 5, No 4 Ageing and outdoor mobility, by H. Mollenkopf, F. Marcellini, I. Ruoppila, M. Tacken; 2004 Details   PDF
J. Knies
Vol 1, No 2 Ageing and technology Details   PDF
C.H. Doevendans
Vol 1, No 3 Ageing and technology Details   PDF
L.G.H. Koren
Vol 15, No 2 Ageing and technology: Creating environments to support an ageing society (keynote) Abstract
R. Woolrych
Vol 3, No 4 Ageing and work in Ukraine Details   PDF
N. Bobko
Vol 2, No 1 Ageing and work: Changes on the European continent Details   PDF
A.M. Guillemard, G. Cornet
Vol 7, No 2 Ageing economy: From social responsibility to new business opportunities Details   PDF
G. Eizmendi
Vol 11, No 2 Ageing, health and technology in the developed and developing world Details   PDF
C. Dye
Vol 3, No 4 Ageing in place: Re-configuring the home Details   PDF
N.W. Spanbroek
Vol 3, No 4 Ageing in place: Towards an ergonomically designed home environment for older Malaysians Details   PDF
S.N. Syed Abd Rashid, M.Y. Rosnah, T.A. Hamid, S.C. Lina Goh, H. Mohd Rizal
Vol 15, Supplement Ageing population and obsolete building stock: The case of Ermua city (Spain) Abstract   PDF
S. Urra, A. Perez de Arrilucea
Vol 2, No 1 Ageing, technology and the post-industrial society Details   PDF
C.H. Doevendans, D. Chaney, S. Katz
Vol 5, No 2 Ageing-in-Place: Towards an ergonomically designed home environment for older Malaysians Abstract   PDF
S.A.R. Sharifah Norazizan, M.Y. Roznah, H. Tengku Aizan, G.S.C. Lina, H. Mohd Rizal
Vol 4, No 1 Age-related differences of extremity joint torque of healthy Japanese Abstract   PDF
S. Hisamoto, M. Higuchi, N. Miura
Vol 3, No 4 Age-related differences of muscle strength in upper and lower limbs of 1000 healthy Japanese Details   PDF
S. Hisamoto, M. Higuchi, N. Miura
Vol 11, No 2 Aging and architecture, design aids for 'age-proof' housing Details   PDF
P. Schmid, G. Pal-Schmid
Vol 3, No 4 Aging and medication adherence: Exploring the perceived usability of personal digital assistants Details   PDF
C.B. Mayhorn, A.M. Watson, M.S. Wogalter, V.R. Lanzolla
Vol 7, No 2 Aging and myocontrol: impact on assistive technology Details   PDF
E.J. Fimbel
Vol 2, No 1 Aging and technology: New trends in Brazil Abstract   PDF
E. Setti
Vol 3, No 4 Aging and work: Challenges and perspectives Details   PDF
W.J.A. Goedhard
Vol 7, No 2 Aging citizens' experiences of electronic brain games Details   PDF
J. Leikas, P. Lampila
Vol 3, No 2 Aging, Disability and Independence (ICADI) Details   PDF
W.C. Mann
Vol 3, No 4 Aging effects of contrast sensitivity and visual function Details   PDF
M. Omori, H. Ishigaki, S. Hasegawa, M. Miyao
Vol 4, No 4 Aging effects on the visibility of graphic text on mobile phones Abstract   PDF
S. Hasegawa, M. Omori, S. Matsunuma, M. Miyao
Vol 15, Supplement Aging gracefully across environments using technology to support wellness, engagement and long life (AGE-WELL): A national research network in technology and aging Abstract   PDF
A. Sixsmith, A. Mihailidis, J. Sixsmith, M.L. Fang, L. Battersby
Vol 3, No 4 Aging of body sway: A new test battery Details   PDF
I. Shimoyama, Y. Miyake, S. Yoshida, Y. Kasagi, T. Fukutake, S. Muranaga, A. Murata, K. Nakazawa
Vol 15, No 2 Aging process assets and social dimensions of science and technology (keynote) Abstract
W. José Alves Pedro
Vol 5, No 4 Aging research career Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 2, No 1 Aging, technology, and venture capital: Boom and bust during the .com frenzy Details   PDF
D. McConatha
Vol 5, No 1 Aging well in Australia Details   PDF
E. Karol
Vol 3, No 4 Aging workers in Vietnam Details   PDF
N.N. Nga, K. Xuyen
Vol 7, No 2 Aging-in-place with ‘at ease’. Details   PDF
D. Mahoney, E. Mahoney
Vol 11, No 2 Aging-in-place: A challenge towards sustainable planning in the Dutch housing market Details   PDF
A.A.M. van Vliet
Vol 13, No 2 Airport wayfinding and interactive map design for the elderly Abstract   PDF
S. Lee
Vol 7, No 4 Alain Franco MD, president of the ISG Details   PDF
A. Franco
Vol 12, No 1 Alexander Peine PhD, incoming Treasurer Abstract   PDF
A. Peine
Vol 11, No 2 Aligning a user-centred approach to the implementation of assistive technologies: Challenges from the SOPRANO Project Details   PDF
R. Woolrych, A. Sixsmith
Vol 2, No 4 Alliance for aging research Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 1, No 4 Alois Alzheimer (1864-1915) Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 11, No 2 Alzheimer’s disease wandering behaviour: Gerontechnology and ethics in three French Speaking countries Details   PDF
G. Cornet
Vol 11, No 2 Alzheimer’s patient activity assessment using different sensors Details   PDF
C.F. Crispim-Junior, V. Joumier, Y-L. Hsu, M-C. Pai, P-C. Chung, A. Dechamps, P. Robert, F. Bremond
Vol 9, No 2 Ambient Assisted Living Joint Program: A European wide initiative Details   PDF
S. Olsson
Vol 3, No 4 Ambient intelligence and health care support, a Dutch pilot study Details   PDF
F. Franchimon, D.G. Bouwhuis, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 6, No 3 Ambient intelligence, ethics and privacy Abstract   PDF
J. van Hoof, H.S.M. de Kort, P. Markopoulos, M. Soede
Vol 7, No 2 Ambient-assisted living and in-home activity monitoring Details   PDF
G. Virone, A.J. Sixsmith
Vol 5, No 4 AMD Alliance International Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 2, No 1 Amusement for the elderly using radio-controlled cars Details   PDF
J. Niitsuma, N. Tsuda, N. Tejima
Vol 13, No 2 An active aging App design for older adults Abstract   PDF
H-M. Hua, H. Hayes, H. Hussain, C-Y. Hsiao, V. Patel
Vol 4, No 3 An adjustable wheelchair: Biomechanics and physiology of care-givers Details   PDF
Y. Okumoto, Y. Tanaka
Vol 7, No 2 An analysis of information seeking behavior on the web in novice older adults Details   PDF
N. Sato, N. Nakamichi, M. Sakai, H. Uwano
Vol 3, No 4 An analytical overview of forming up process of ISO/IEC guide 71 - A Japanese trial for collaboration between civic and policy sectors Details   PDF
Y. Goto
Vol 13, No 2 An anime agent system for reminiscence therapy Abstract   PDF
K. Yasuda, M. Fuketa, J. Aoe
Vol 15, Supplement An assistive design on wringing out towels for older adults Abstract   PDF
C. Huang, C-L. Chen, Y-C. Lu
Vol 11, No 2 An assistive humanoid robot for elderly care Details   PDF
I. Bäck, J. Kallio, S. Perälä, K. Mäkelä
Vol 15, Supplement An assistive system to improve game usabil-ity for patients with cognitive disorders Abstract   PDF
M.K. Phan Tran, P. Robert, F. Bremond
Vol 9, No 2 An automated, speech-based emergency response system for the older adult Details   PDF
V. Young, A. Milhailidis
Vol 11, No 2 An automated training system for home-based rehabilitation of the elderly Details   PDF
J. Kiselev, M. Gövercin, M. John, B. Hennig, M. Haesner, E. Steinhagen-Thiessen
Vol 11, No 2 An easy handling system for installing heavy glass using human robot cooperation Details   PDF
M.S. Gil, S.H. Kim, H.G. Kim, M.S. Kang, C.S. Han
Vol 14, No 2 An ecological momentary sampling tool for movement patterns and psychiatric symptom variability: A pilot study Abstract   PDF
D.B. King, A. Sixsmith, H.Y. Shahir, M. Sadeghi, M. Razmara, N. O’Rourke
Vol 9, No 2 An electromechanical whack-a-mole-type game for older people Details   PDF
K. Ishihara, K. Oogomori, M. Nagamachi, S. Ishihara
Vol 15, Supplement An ePlatform for comprehensive geriatric assessment Abstract   PDF
A. Ilnitski, K. Prashchayeu
Vol 9, No 2 An ergonomic analysis of medicine organizers Details   PDF
D.O. Silva, C.S. Santana
Vol 7, No 2 An ergonomic approach to computer vision interaction Details   PDF
P. Ponsa, M. Díaz, C. Angulo, C. Manresa-Yee
Vol 11, No 2 An ergonomic survey of shoppers Details   PDF
S. Farivar, H.S. Naeini
Vol 1, No 2 An Eventful Conference Abstract   PDF
G.R. Fernie, M. Milner
Vol 13, No 2 An example of a university/government relationship in the North American Chapter of the ISG Abstract   PDF
W.D. Kearns, J.L. Fozard
Vol 13, No 2 An excretion care support system using a scanning range finder Abstract   PDF
H. Kato, T. Fujinami
Vol 13, No 2 An exploration of rehabilitation medical access behaviour in elderly group Abstract   PDF
Y-I. Chen, Y-F. Chen
Vol 11, No 3 An exploration of seniors’ motivation to use mobile brain-exercise software Abstract   PDF
Donal O’Brien, R. Benjamin Knapp, Oonagh Thompson, David Craig, Suzanne Barrett
Vol 9, No 2 An exploration of the needs and concerns of potential Ambient Assisted Living users within the context of the meaning of home Details   PDF
R.M. Savage
Vol 4, No 2 An exploratory study of barriers to implementing technology in U.S. residential long-term care settings Abstract   PDF
V. Freedman, M. Calkins, K. van Haitsma
Vol 13, No 1 An ICT-mediated social network in support of successful ageing Abstract   PDF
S. Ballesteros, P. Toril, J. Mayas, J.M. Reales, J.A. Waterworth
Vol 12, No 3 An in vitro pressure ulcer approach using High Voltage Pulsed Current (HVPC) stimulation Abstract   PDF
D. Herminawaty, I.R. Defi, T. Prabowo, I. Parwati
Vol 11, No 2 An indoor way-finding solution for elderly people Details   PDF
Z. Yang, B. Becerik-Gerber
Vol 13, No 2 An initial proof of concept for Xbox Kinect as an alternative technology designed to improve driving performance of seniors Abstract   PDF
D. Sue, P. Ray, A. Talaei-Khoei, J. Jonnagaddala
Vol 13, No 2 An innovated welfare vehicle for elderly and action inconvenient people Abstract   PDF
L-D. Yang, D-A. Wang, D-S. Huang
Vol 13, No 2 An innovative operation model of care facilities for the elderly in Taiwan Abstract   PDF
H. Cheng, Y-C. Lu, S-C. Chen
Vol 13, No 2 An innovative recreation installation for elderly people Abstract   PDF
T-G. Lin, H-L. Shih, P-Y. Wu, C-Y. Liang, C-C. Huang, C-H. Kao, C-W. Lin, C-T. Lee
Vol 7, No 2 An innovative robot-mediated therapy for the upper limb of elderly chronic hemiparetic subjects Details   PDF
S. Mazzoleni, S. Aliboni, G. Pierini, G. Rossi, B. Cesqui, F. Posteraro, M.C. Carrozza, S. Micera, P. Dario
Vol 13, No 2 An innovative teaching model research affect the elder smart watch usage efficacy Abstract   PDF
C-H. Chiu, M-F. Liu
Vol 9, No 2 An in-situ experiment of devices aimed to remediate wandering due to Alzheimer’s disease Details   PDF
E. Chabanne, J.C. Fernandez, N. Pesenti, V. Rialle, N. Vidal
Vol 11, No 2 An integrated automatic wall concreting system Details   PDF
A. Więckowski
Vol 11, No 2 An integrated motion sensing mattress for elderly living assistance applications Details   PDF
Y.W. Liu, K.Y. Wu, Y.L. Hsu
Vol 11, No 2 An integrated system for automated construction progress visualization using IFC-Based BIM Details   PDF
C-M. Kim, H-J. Son, C-W. Kim
Vol 2, No 1 An intelligent, adaptive cognitive orthotic Details   PDF
M.E. Pollack
Vol 4, No 4 An intelligent emergency response system: Preliminary development and testing of a functional health monitoring system Abstract   PDF
T. Tam, A. Dolan, J. Boger, A. Mihailidis
Vol 9, No 2 An intelligent fall detection and personal emergency response system to help keep seniors safe at home Details   PDF
A. Milhailidis
Vol 13, No 2 An intelligent transport for living in dignity Abstract   PDF
K-H. Chen, C-Y. Pan
Vol 2, No 1 An intelligent walker for people with reduced mobility Details   PDF
F. Slevin, G. Lacey
Vol 13, No 2 An interactive functional assessment for promoting healthy ageing in a primary healthcare setting in Hong Kong Abstract   PDF
P.C. Sze, H.W. Lam, K-Y. Au-Yeung, K.Y. Tong
Vol 15, Supplement An interactive platform service for dementia care Abstract   PDF
Y.S. Yoon, G-H. Kim, J. Hyoung Cho, J.H. Jeong
Vol 2, No 1 An investigation of the relationship between spatial abilities and hypertext navigation-It's not as simple as it seems! Details   PDF
R. Pak, W. Rogers, A.D. Fisk
Vol 11, No 2 An object library approach for managing construction safety components based on BIM Details   PDF
J. Li, Z. Hua
Vol 13, No 2 An occupational therapeutic perspective about the usage of multimedia technologies in support of dementia Abstract   PDF
U. Ende, A. Sigmund
Vol 15, Supplement An online resource for caregivers of persons with dementia Abstract   PDF
F. Rudzicz, J. Polgar
Vol 7, No 2 An open agent-based home automation system Details   PDF
M. Brink, A.J. Jessurun, F. Franchimon, J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 11, No 2 An optimized operation algorithm for twin or multi-cage lift systems for high-rise construction sites Details   PDF
J-H. Shin, S-W. Kwon, M-N. Lee, D-Y. Moon
Vol 2, No 3 An oral care training system for caregivers Abstract   PDF
K. Nakajima, Y. Sumi, T. Tamura
Vol 11, No 2 An overview of frailty and new technologies (IAGG symposium) Details   PDF
A. Benetos
Vol 8, No 1 An ultrasonic urine sensor Abstract   PDF
H. Kodama, H. Yoshimura, Y. Nagata
Vol 3, No 4 An ultrasound urine sensor for the aged people suffering from failure of urination discharging Details   PDF
H. Kodama, Y. Kuchinomachi, J. Yu, H. Yoshimura, N. Kuchitsu
Vol 2, No 1 Analysis of difficulties in Web use for elderly people Details   PDF
R. Fukuda, H. Bubb
Vol 13, No 2 Analysis of EMG signals in human fingers using MSE method Abstract   PDF
T-T. Ho, C. Hansen, C-H. Chang, J-S. Shieh
Vol 3, No 4 Analysis of factors in cognitive and physical functional changes of elderly drivers in driving Details   PDF
K. Hayama, A. Motoyuki, I. Ayuko, D. Hideharu, T. Juhei
Vol 11, No 2 Analysis of the Nintendo Wii in rehabilitation Details   PDF
M. Ribeiro Marques, C. Silva Santana
Vol 9, No 2 Android and geolocation at the service of the elderly Details   PDF
A. Delatte, A. Thepaut, M.T. Segarra, M. l’Hostis, P-M. Chapon
Vol 2, No 4 Anna van Eysinga (1594-1655) Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 8, No 1 Anneke van der Plaats MD PhD, associate editor Details   PDF
J.J. van der Plaats
Vol 3, No 4 Anthropometric dimensions of older Malaysians: Towards designing an ergonomically friendly home environment for the elderly Details   PDF
M.Y. Rosnah, S. Syed Abdul Rashid, T.A. Hamid, G.S.C. Lina, H. Mohd Rizal
Vol 9, No 2 Anti-collision and navigation system for powered wheelchairs Details
T.V. How, A. Mihailidis
Vol 12, No 1 Apology Abstract   PDF
M. Rowe, W. Kearns, M.E. Bowen
Vol 15, Supplement App-based activity diary for elderly: Benefits through interprofessional development?! Abstract   PDF
N. Zigan, R. Naef, P. Baumann, A. Heinzelmann, L. Imhof, D. Händler-Schuster
Vol 13, No 2 Application and acceptance of technology for people with dementia and people who care for them: Towards assistive intelligence via artificial intelligence Abstract   PDF
M. Otake, F. Fujinami
Vol 9, No 2 Application of an ultrasonic urine sensor to an older person in sitting posture Details   PDF
H. Kodama, H. Yoshimura, Y. Nagata, J. Yu, K. Huang
Vol 7, No 2 Application of biped humanoid robot to simulate the motion of elderly and disabled people Details   PDF
H. Kondo, Y. Ogura, H. Aikawa, A. Morishima, J. Shimizu, H. Lim, A. Takanishi
Vol 13, No 2 Application of co-imagination method to healthy older adults, older adults who need care, and older adults with dementia Abstract   PDF
M. Otake
Vol 13, No 2 Application of interactive design on web interfaces into long-distance health-care for elderly: Example of the website ‘iShow-Nantou Smart Town’ Abstract   PDF
Y-R. Chen, C-M. Wang, H-L. Hsieh
Vol 10, No 4 Application of machine learning and numerical analysis to classify tremor in patients affected with essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease Abstract   PDF
N.D. Darnall, C.K. Donovan, S. Aktar, H-Y. Tseng, P. Barthelmess, P.R. Cohen, D.C. Lin
Vol 13, No 2 Application of machine learning to classify dementia wandering patterns Abstract   PDF
N.K. Vuong, S. Chan, C.T. Lau
Vol 11, No 2 Application of queuing theory in construction industry Details   PDF
Č. Jarský, V. Usmanov
Vol 11, No 2 Application of regenerative lift for energy saving in the construction stage Details   PDF
M.D. Lee, M.K. Won, S.G. Lee, H.H. Cho, K.I. Kang
Vol 13, No 2 Application to support elderly while taking public transport services Abstract   PDF
A. Neven, T. Bellemans, D. Janssens, G. Wets
Vol 1, No 2 Application trials for the realization of human-friendly broadcasting Abstract   PDF
E. Miyasaka, A. Imai, T. Takagi, T. Imai, A. Ando
Vol 11, No 2 Applying building information modelling in environmental impact assessment for urban deep excavation projects Details   PDF
S.R. Lu, I.C. Wu, B.C. Hsiung
Vol 11, No 2 Applying building information modelling in evaluating building energy performance Details   PDF
C-Y. Hsieh, I-C. Wu
Vol 10, No 3 Applying GentleCare to older adults with dementia (Reply) Abstract   PDF
J.J. van der Plaats
Vol 15, Supplement Applying ICT to ease the toilet usage Abstract   PDF
P. Panek, P. Mayer
Vol 13, No 2 Applying IPDD approach to the development of an interactive system for older people Abstract   PDF
K-C. Tseng, T-S. Tsai, H-T. Chang
Vol 10, No 1 Appointments and elections Details   PDF
F. Franchimon
Vol 5, No 3 Approaches to universal design in Japanese technological industries Abstract   PDF
A.S. Macdonald
Vol 9, No 3 Are laptop computers a health risk for an aging population? Abstract   PDF
N. Charness, K. Dijkstra, T.S. Jastrzembski, S.J. Weaver, M. Champion
Vol 4, No 1 Argentinean initiative to foster new technology for older persons Details   PDF
L.R. Normie
Vol 3, No 4 Arrangement of display and control in man-vehicle system: Comparison between young and older adults Details   PDF
A. Murata, M. Moriwaka
Vol 2, No 3 Arriving prepared: Automated telephone messages improve appointment adherence Abstract   PDF
D.G. Morrow, W.E. Menard, H.E. Ridolfo, V.O. Leirer
Vol 11, No 2 Assessing assistive technology outcomes with dementia Details   PDF
C.B. Peterson, N.R. Prasad
Vol 11, No 2 Assessing design features of a graphical user interface for a social assistive robot for older adults with cognitive impairment Details   PDF
M. Pino, C. Granata, G. Legouverneur, M, Boulay, A-S. Rigaud
Vol 2, No 1 Assessing driving risk in older drivers presenting to the Maryland motor vehicle ad-ministration (MVA) Details   PDF
K.K. Ball
Vol 2, No 1 Assessing driving risk in the field: Sample recruitment and battery selection Details   PDF
M. Frankel, V.G. Wadley
Vol 2, No 1 Assessing the appearance of a product in the product development process to-gether with aged user Details   PDF
I. Alakärppä, L. Kovanen
Vol 2, No 1 Assessing the suitability of telecommuting work for older adults Details   PDF
J. Sharit, S.J. Czaja, M.A. Hernandez
Vol 13, No 2 Assessing the usability of an AAL-system within 35 seniors’ homes in a clinical field trial Abstract   PDF
M. Gövercin
Vol 11, No 2 Assessing user-needs to realize active aging in the built environment Details   PDF
F.J.M. van Gassel
Vol 13, No 2 Assessment of a motor-powered assistive sofa for the elderly Abstract   PDF
C. Huang
Vol 7, No 2 Assessment of executive functioning using virtual reality: virtual environment grocery store Details   PDF
T.D. Parsons, A.A. Rizzo, J. Brennan, T.M. Silva, E.M. Zelinski
Vol 13, No 2 Assessment of range of shoulder motion using Kinect Abstract   PDF
J-L. Liu, H-C. Chuan, P-C. Kuan
Vol 11, No 2 Assessment of sustainable construction in Lebanon Details   PDF
R.E. Awwad, K. ElKhoury
Vol 2, No 1 Assisted cognition: Computer aids for people with Alzheimer Details   PDF
H. Kautz, G. Borriello, O. Etzioni, D. Fox
Vol 9, No 2 Assisted living technologies: Users’ needs and challenges for successful uptake Details   PDF
L. Damodaran, C.W. Olphert
Vol 13, No 1 Assisting older people: from robots to drones Abstract   PDF
M. Baer, M-A. Tilliette, A. Jeleff, A. Ozguler, T. Loeb
Vol 9, No 3 Assistive devices caregivers use and find helpful to manage problem behaviors of dementia Abstract   PDF
L.N. Gitlin, L. Winter, M.P. Dennis
Vol 8, No 2 Assistive social robots in elderly care: a review Abstract   PDF
J. Broekens, M. Heerink, H. Rosendal
Vol 11, No 2 Assistive technologies for the assessment of instrumental activities of daily living in pre demential Alzheimer’s disease Details   PDF
G. Sacco, V. Joumier, A. Derreumaux, J.H. Lee, J. Piano, N. Bordone, A. Konig, B. Teboul, E. Mulin, R. David, O. Guerin, F. Bremond, P. Robert
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive technologies used to support occupations by community-dwelling older adults with dementia and informal caregivers Details   PDF
J. Boger, N. Turcotte, M. Quraishi, L. Dunal
Vol 11, No 4 Assistive technologies: Their development from a technology assessment perspective Abstract   PDF
U. Bechtold, M. Sotoudeh
Vol 2, No 1 Assistive technology and Independence in an older population Details   PDF
R.A. Mayolo, J. Grimm
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive Technology (AT) development: A capital response to population aging. The European model Details   PDF
L. Spiru, I. Turcu, C. Ghita
Vol 15, No 2 Assistive technology (AT) solutions for independence of older adults Abstract
V. Meirelles Carril Elui
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive technology for continence management issues Details   PDF
E. van den Heuvel, F. Jowitt
Vol 2, No 1 Assistive technology for older adults: Challenges of product development and evalua-tion Abstract   PDF
J. Watzke
Vol 15, No 2 Assistive technology for people with dementia: A Brazilian view Abstract
C. da Silva Santana
Vol 15, Supplement Assistive technology needs and measurement of the psychosocial impact of assistive technologies for independent living of older Hispanics: Lessons learned Abstract   PDF
E.M. Orellano, J. Jutai, A. Santiago, V. Torres, K. Benítez
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive technology outcome data capture, management and reporting tools Details   PDF
F. DeRuyter, M. Fuhrer, L. Demers, J. Lenker, J. Jutai
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive technology use for multiple health conditions Details   PDF
J.G. Huber, J. Miller Polgar, B.M. Chesworth, G. Strong, J. Jutai
Vol 9, No 2 Assistive technology used to support community-dwelling older adults with dementia Details   PDF
N. Turcotte, M. Quraishi, L. Dunal, J. Boger
Vol 3, No 1 Assistive technology: Mind the user! Abstract   PDF
M. Colombo
Vol 2, No 4 Assistive technology: Some lessons from the Netherlands Abstract   PDF
A. Tinker, C. McCreadie, P. Lansley
Vol 13, No 3 Associate editor mutations Abstract   PDF
J.E.H.M. van Bronswijk
Vol 13, No 2 Association between housing conditions and occurrence of osteoporosis among the elders aged 60 and above in Beijing, China Abstract   PDF
J-J. Wu, B-J. Liang, Z-W. Chen
Vol 14, No 2 Association between Internet use and decision-making preference in older adults Abstract   PDF
M.I. Cajita, E. Whitehouse, C. Budhathoki, N. Hodgson
Vol 12, No 3 Assumptions of age and mobile handset type Abstract   PDF
E.I. Walsh, J.K. Brinker
Vol 8, No 1 AT EASE: Automated Technology for Elder Assessment, Safety, and Environmental monitoring Abstract   PDF
D.F. Mahoney, E.L. Mahoney, E. Liss
Vol 10, No 1 At the start of the 10th volume Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk
Vol 5, No 1 At the start of the 5th volume: A message from the editors Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, H. Bouma, D.G. Bouwhuis, J.L. Fozard, F.L. van Nes, L.R. Normie
Vol 6, No 1 At the start of the 6th volume Details   PDF
J.E.M.H. van Bronswijk, H. Bouma, D.G. Bouwhuis, J.L. Fozard, F.L. van Nes, L.R. Normie, J. van Hoof
Vol 13, No 3 Attitudes and behaviours towards web accessibility and ageing: Results of an industry survey Abstract   PDF
T. Gilbertson
Vol 6, No 2 Attitudes and expectations of technologies to manage wandering behavior in persons with dementia Abstract   PDF
W.D. Kearns, D. Rosenberg, L. West, S.P. Applegarth
Vol 9, No 2 Attitudes of family and professional caregivers towards the use of GPS for people with dementia Details   PDF
R. Landau, S. Werner, G.K. Auslander, N. Shoval, J. Heinik
Vol 9, No 1 Attitudes of older adults toward shooter video games: An initial study to select an acceptable game for training visual processing Abstract   PDF
S.M. McKay, B.E. Maki
Vol 15, Supplement Attitudes of professionals in the field of elderly care towards technology Abstract   PDF
L.I. Stenberg
Vol 15, Supplement Attitudes of senior citizens towards automat-ic in home fall detection Abstract   PDF
F.M. Feldwieser, E. Steinhagen-Thiessen
Vol 13, No 2 Attitudes towards filial responsibility in a traditional vs. modern culture: A comparison between three generations of Arabs in the Israeli society Abstract   PDF
P. Ron
Vol 13, No 1 Attitudes towards filial responsibility in a traditional vs modern culture: A comparison between three generations of Arabs in the Israeli society Abstract   PDF
P. Ron
Vol 9, No 2 Audio changes how older people follow animated instructions Details   PDF
P. Wright, A.J. Soroka, S. Belt
Vol 11, No 2 Auditors' influence in infrastructural design-build projects Details   PDF
R. Favié
Vol 1, No 2 Australia – Design, technology, SeniorNet Lounge Details   PDF
E. Karol
Vol 3, No 1 Australia: Ageing research agenda Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 2, No 1 Author Index congress issue Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 3, No 4 Author Index congress issue Details   PDF
- Anonymous
Vol 11, No 4 Automated activity-aware prompting for activity initiation Abstract   PDF
L.B. Holder, D.J. Cook
Vol 11, No 2 Automated construction activity assessment using workflow-based data fusion Details   PDF
A. Shahi, C.T. Haas, J.S. West
Vol 11, No 2 Automated deep stabilization in construction Details   PDF
R. Heikkilä, J. Hovila, K. Nevala, T. Makkonen, P. Kilpeläinen, J. Törnqvist, J. Liukas
Vol 9, No 2 Automated detection of falls in the home: Current challenges and future directions Details   PDF
J. Snoek, B. Taati, A. Mihailidis
Vol 12, No 3 Automated detection of wandering patterns in people with dementia Abstract   PDF
N.K. Vuong, S. Chan, C.T. Lau
Vol 11, No 2 Automated earned-value tracking Details   PDF
Y. Turkan, F. Bosché, C.T. Haas, R. Haas
Vol 11, No 2 Automated pipeline extraction for modeling from laserscanned data Details   PDF
J. Lee, C. Kim, H. Son, C-H Kim
Vol 11, No 2 Automated prediction of condition state rating in bridge inspection Details   PDF
R.S. Adhikari, O. Moselhi, A. Bagchi
Vol 11, No 2 Automated quality excellence evaluation Details   PDF
J. Gašparik, M. Gašparík
Vol 11, No 2 Automated-driven concrete piling: Latest developments and experiments in Finland Details   PDF
R. Heikkilä, J. Hovila, P. Kilpeläinen, E. Viljamaa, J. Törnqvist, K. Nevala, T. Makkonen
Vol 7, No 2 Automatic measurement of elderly people’s spatial gait parameters using computer vision Details   PDF
X. Parra-Llanas, A. Rodríguez-Molinero, C. Raya
Vol 15, Supplement Automatic prediction of autonomy in activities of daily living of older adults Abstract   PDF
C.F. Crispim-Junior, A. Konig, R. David, P. Robert, F. Bremond
Vol 11, No 2 Automating fabrication sequencing for industrial construction Details   PDF
D. Hu, Y. Mohamed
Vol 11, No 2 Automation of generative design exploration for domain integration in architecture Details   PDF
D.J. Gerber, S-H.E. Lin
Vol 11, No 2 Automation of modular design and construction manufacturing through an Integrated BIM/lean model Details   PDF
M. Moghadam, G. Singh, M. Al-hussein
Vol 7, No 2 Autonomous system for movement monitoring Details   PDF
M. Torrent, C. Angulo, C. Raya
Vol 10, No 1 Avoiding harm on the farm: Human factors Abstract   PDF
A.C. McLaughlin, C.B. Mayhorn
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